Add the perfect kitchen or dining accent with an attractive Fruit Wall Clock. Fruit has always been a favorite décor theme, from Apple Kitchen Fruit Clocks to Grape and Wine Wall Clocks for Dining or Kitchen décor. These fruit clocks always are a welcome gift.
MIXED FRUIT 3-Dimensional Wall Clock BRAND NEW!

This charming fruit wall clock has received rave reviews:

“I like this clock it matches my fruit theme in my kitchen and is very well made with nice details on the fruits is shiny and the part where the numbers are is very clear.”

“I loved this clock as soon as I opened the box. It's perfect for my kitchen, I highly recommend it. It is not plastic but ceramic. The size is also perfect.”

“Vibrant, glossy, bright colored fruits. It's perfect for my kitchen & dining areas, with the "Fruit Design" motiff. Absolutely beautiful ceramic clock. The best designs & colors I have ever found online, after a long-time search!”

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Whittingham Wall Clock

This is a really elegant Fruit Wall Clock that you will love. What customers are saying: “My first reaction was that it was a big clock. It is . However, when you put it on a wall it looks great. It takes up as much space as a small picture. It looks good and runs fine. We are happy we bought it.”
“Got this clock about a month ago. I like it very much. It's pretty, with warm tones. It's a lot larger than the kitchen clock I had on the wall, which is good; it fills the wall and makes the room seen warmer.”

This classic fruit wall clock features a laminated antique dial. The clock also has an antique-style fruit pattern in the center of the face. Large numerals make it easy to read. A great way to accent any room. Dimensions: 18'' Diameter x 1.5'' D

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Tuscan European Fruits Wall Clock 12-3/4"W

  • Battery Operated – 1 Double A Battery
  • Grape - Pear - Apple

FIVE STARS: Love this Clock
FIVE STARS: I absolutely love this clock...
FIVE STARS: It gives a touch of class to a kitchen...
FIVE STARS: Beautiful Clock
And Many More Great Reviews...

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APPLE 3-Dimensional Fruit Wall Clock BRAND NEW!

This fruit wall clock will add an elegant touch to your kitchen, or would be great as a gift. Apples have always been a popular décor theme, and there are many accessories to go with this wall clock. It has excellent attention to detail and such vibrant colors! 13 x13 widest point in size. What happy customers have to say:
“This clock was just as described...It was just beautiful. i don't know why i didn't realize that it was ceramic, but that was just a bonus. The clock is just a very nice touch and completed my kitchen. I am very satisfied with this purchase.”

“The clock is nice. A little bigger than I thought, but it helps to complete my apple theme in the kitchen.”

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